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Refreshing blues

Shades in ocean and island blues a popular choice

By Denis Langlois


A collective yearning to travel once again to breathtaking oceanside destinations is inspiring current fashion trends.

The Pantone Colour Institute’s autumn/winter 2021-22 fashion colour trend reports for both London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week include among the Top 10 standout colours shades that can be found in sun-soaked tropical locales.

This includes the bright yellow Illuminating hue, which was named one of Pantone’s colours of the year for 2021.

Both lists also include beautiful, refreshing blues that stir up memories of rushing into the ocean’s waves, taking a dip off the dock at a lakeside cottage and rafting down fast-moving rivers and streams.

Mykonos blue, a brisk blue evocative of the Aegean Sea, and Spring Lake, a quiet and restful mid-tone blue, are two of the standout colours in the New York Fashion Week report. Ibiza blue, a stirring island blue hue, is a top colour in the London Fashion Week report.

The fashion website The Trend Spotter, which boasts 5.5 million monthly readers and more than 10 million social media views monthly, also lists bright pops of blue as a hot trend for 2021. It encourages people to add a blue accessory to elevate monochrome, go-to outfits.

Here are some frames in cool, deep or moody blues that were born to stand out.


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