Two decades of history and the need to rewrite the rules of a brand that has made color and  creativity its keywords  

Hence, a more contemporary logo, a future-oriented collection and a celebratory limited edition that aims to conquer the younger generation 

And Mido 2024 is the perfect stage from which to launch this exciting news! 

An incisive expression of creativity and Italian style, this is X-IDE, a brand that marries design and artisan craftsmanship, inspirations of yore, and contemporary concepts. Today, X-IDE is set to appear with a new, more modern and contemporary look, with the aim of conquering a young and super-fashion-oriented target audience. 

“Restyling of the logo is just one of the pieces in this project”, explained Susi Tabacchi, General  Manager of Immagine98. “X-IDE has always been a futuristic, avant-garde brand and therefore must express itself at the highest levels and keep pace with the times. Over the years, many things have changed. The brand has stayed true to its core values – color, creativity, innovation – but,  little by little, it has evolved. Thus, the absolute need to revisit the logo to give it greater breadth.  The new version is more linear and also more incisive and eye-catching, just like the new  collections, and imbues X-IDE with a new visual identity.” But that’s not all. “This new identity  allows us to create a greater connection with our customers who are increasingly discerning and  demanding.”  

The new logo is a contemporary interpretation of the brand’s more relevant and eye-catching new attitude. X-IDE’s creative ethos welcomes innovation and breaks the dominant mental stereotypes. “To convey the message of its revamped identity,” continued Tabacchi, “we  developed a photo campaign that would exalt the brand’s distinctive element: color.” An objective realized through images that adopt a specific color palette: pink, lilac and blue. “From the clothing to the eyewear, and even the background, each detail consistently follows this color scheme,  accentuating the brand’s focus to the max and narrating its story through evocative colors and nuances,” according to the creative team

But that’s not all. The rebranding also coincides – not by chance – with the brand’s 20th anniversary.  “A unique opportunity to celebrate such an important milestone,” noted Tabacchi. “The big news  of 2024 is also the creation of a capsule collection that presents 8 styles with double temples, distinctive characteristic of the collection at its launch, here in a contemporary version inspired by  the Cyberpunk concept.” Immagine98 continues to have an impact on the eyewear industry,  celebrating the past and foretelling a future of style and innovation with X-IDE New Generation.  And Mido 2024 will be an exceptional opportunity to amaze and tell the story of innovation with something truly unexpected. 

For us, the rebranding, the new identity project and the capsule collection are an opportunity to grow, innovate, tap into new markets and conquer new targeted audience segments, as well as to reconnect with existing ones,” concluded Tabacchi. “In today’s world, the speed with which the  market changes is overwhelming; fashions change and we must be able to metabolize the changes,  interpret them and evolve.” 

We look forward to seeing you at Mido 2024; together we’ll discover all the latest developments! 

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