GO EYEWEAR is now available in Canada.

The manufacturer and distributor of optical frames and sunglasses, which has been in operation since 2002, is now selling its four house brands – Ana Hickmann, T-Charge, Hickmann and Bulget – through a team of sales representatives in Canada.

Rui da Silva, manager of GO Eyewear for Canada and the northeastern United States, said the company began its European market penetration in 2010 and began operations in the United States a year later.


After relocating its Phoenix, Arizona, warehouse to Doral, Florida, in early 2016 – a move that upgraded the company’s technological capability and capacity to stock, handle and manage much larger quantities of products in North America – GO Eyewear made the decision to expand its reach north of the border.

The company’s frames are now sold in more than 63 countries.

Canada being a prosperous country with a high standard of living and a mature/strong economy with a market that offered very interesting growth prospects became a natural choice. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec City and Ottawa amongst others are all world-class cities with large-sized populations that show a diversified culture and sophisticated taste,” da Silva tells Optical Prism. “A closer look at the Canadian market showed that although all major players in the eyewear industry had solid presences for many years, there was still a serious appetite for eyewear that offered a better value for their money by Canadian consumers.

Another interesting factor that surfaced was the fact that there was definitely an opportunity to significantly improve the relationship between the independent opticians and the suppliers of eyewear products.

With these two major reasons in mind, we did not need to have any additional market insights to make a commitment to Canada.”

Anna Hickman

GO Eyewear’s Ana Hickmann line is characterized by a contemporary style with a refined taste for excellence.

Using GO’s proprietary Duo-Fashion system, the frames can rotate at the temple to swap colours, thus giving two looks in one pair. Brands such as T-Charge use highquality

materials like titanium and carbon fibre combined with standard plastic and acetate.

Anna Hickman

T-Charge frames are made with an exclusive spring system, called a Slider, which was created for an easy temple opening that substantially reduces the usual wear and tear of standard screw-based systems.

GO Eyewear’s marketing and sales strategy is oriented to cater to independents. It does not market directly to consumers and does not sell its products on the Internet.

We offer innovative ways that allow our clients to have the capability to make excellent profit margins and yet offer to their clientele a unique line of products that match the ‘Best in Class’ in today’s extremely competitive global eyewear market,” da Silva says.

Visit www.goeyewearus.com for more information.

T Charge