It takes more than just sales to be a leader in your field. It takes a commitment to both the product and to improving the lives of others. This is how Wael Yassein, owner of The Eye Shoppe in Oshawa, Ontario, has approached his career in the eyewear industry. At the recent Transitions Academy in Orlando, Florida, his years of service to the industry and exceptional work as a provider of Transitions® lens products was recognized. He was named the 2013 Transitions Eyecare Professional of the Year (ECP of the Year) in Canada.

A Passion for Premium Products
Yassein says he has always been dedicated to providing the highest quality lenses for his patients.
“I choose anything that is a premium lens and Transitions lenses are a home run in terms of patient satisfaction,” he said.
The journey to Transitions ECP of the Year began at a very young age. Like many in the eyewear industry, Yassein began working in the family business.
“I started working at my father’s lab and it led me down that road,” he said.
His own experience with needing glasses continued to teach him the value of understanding the needs of patients and the difference that a good pair of eyewear can make.
“We like to get to know our patients better. Get to know their lifestyle. In doing so we then use the various office tools that measure every angle needed to create the right pair of lenses,” he said. “When you add all this up you have better vision.”
This all-encompassing approach is what first caught the eye of the Transitions Optical team when choosing nominees and winners.
“Wael’s passion for ensuring that all of his patients are taking steps to protect their eyes from damaging UV made him a standout candidate for 2013,” said Isabelle Tremblay-Dawson, marketing manager, Canada, Transitions Optical.
The Qualities of an Exceptional ECP Tremblay-Dawson said the Transitions ECP of the Year must excel in all of Transitions Optical’s key evaluation areas, which include commitment to photochromic growth; alignment with the Transitions® brand; participation in Transitions Optical’s programs and promotions; marketing initiatives; community involvement; and education and training efforts for staff.
She said since the Transitions ECP of the Year program was launched in 2009, Transitions Optical continues to receive many high- quality entries that are reviewed through our extensive judging process.
“While Wael has always been a strong supporter of the Transitions® family of products, he continues to amaze us because he still finds new ways to incorporate the Transitions brand into his promotions, education efforts and everyday conversations with patients and staff. His efforts in 2013 led to heightened customer satisfaction and a significant increase in sales of Transitions lenses as well,” she said.
She said all past finalists and winners of the ECP of the Year program have been committed to not only providing excellent care for their patients, but also showing dedication in other areas that have an impact on our communities and our industry.
“These are some of the areas that we consider ‘above and beyond,’” she said.
Rely on Your Partnerships
In the many years Yassein has been dispensing Transitions lenses he said he has always felt he has had the full support of the company.
From the product reps to the head office, he said there is always someone available to help him do his job better.
“Transitions hires very well. When they come in to the office you can tell they care about each and every patient,” he said, adding that every effort is made to ensure he has the right tools and resources to help patients make an informed decision.
“My patients can’t believe the lenses are so clear when I am talking to them. It’s taking that extra 30seconds to let them know that the technology is vastly different today than it was 10 years ago,” he said.
Tremblay-Dawson says its partnerships with ECPs are important and lasting ones, and that they have been integral to both the company’s culture and success.
“We have both a dedicated team of field business consultants, as well as a team of inside sales consultants that eyecare professionals can work closely with to access and receive educational and training workshops, practice building programs, and a variety of tools and resources,” she said.
“A lot of our Transitions ECP of the Year winners have great partnerships with their Transitions business consultants.”
She noted that the Transitions Optical team can help practices grow in many areas by working together with eyecare professionals and staff to implement programs focused around goal setting, action planning and identifying the right training and educational needs to achieve success. •