They say nothing is permanent but change.

And the staff at Optical Prism magazine has been embracing this reality in recent months.

You might have already noticed, but we have modernized our front-cover masthead and launched the new look in this month’s issue.

Our new logo is clean, bold and contemporary and reflects our desire to bring you content that is current, topical, interesting and stylish.



You’ll also notice a change in next month’s digital issue, as we’ve decided to retire the EyeFocus brand and rename our virtual magazine Optical Prism Digital.

This change will bring consistency to our product offerings and enable us to elevate our brand awareness among Canadian eye care professionals.

These changes are in addition to the introduction this year of our EyeLevel feature, which showcases products other than eyewear that are of interest to ECPs, and a new column by the Canadian Association of Optometrists.

We’re excited about these adjustments and hope you enjoy them as well.

Eyewear and eyecare have long been industries that have benefited from constant change. Just look at how far lens, frame and diagnostic technologies have advanced in the past decade alone.

The publishing industry has seen its share of change as well, not the least of which has been the increased use of digital platforms.

And our plan at Optical Prism is to continue embracing change.

Suzanne Lacorte
Publisher, Optical Prism Magazine