Since 2011, Ontario optometrists have been authorized to prescribe drugs for the treatment of conditions of the eye and vision system. The Designated Drugs and Standards of Practice Regulation, in Schedule 1, lists the drugs optometrists can prescribe. It has been the experience of the College that a list of drugs in regulation is difficult to revise, and creates a barrier to access to newer drugs, which are often the indicated best treatment for patients. The College is proposing to amend this regulation by abandoning the list of drugs and replacing it with the authority to prescribe all topical and oral drugs within the scope of practice of optometry. Safeguards related to the prescribing of several categories of oral drugs are included, through regulatory standards that require immediate referral and/or formal co-management, and the exclusion of controlled substances.

In addition, the College is proposing other amendments that, if approved, would
Allow optometrist to remove superficial foreign bodies from the cornea
Allow optometrists to dispense drugs for the sole purpose of trialling a therapy (related dispensing regulations are proposed under the Designated Drugs Regulation)
Specify diagnostic ultrasound as a prescribed form of energy for the performance of corneal pachymetry or ocular ultrasonography, only

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