New brands in the eyewear industry have the immediate recall of sophisticated style, sleek design and high-end fashion appeal as that of Porsche Design eyewear. With the luxury reputation behind the name Porsche and a steadfast vision for innovative function and aesthetics in design, the company has never wavered from the vision of its founder, Professor Porsche.
As the designer of the iconic sports car, the Porsche 911, he left the world of sports cars and took his passion for functional design and innovation in a new direction with Porsche Design.
“Since 1972, our products have been characterized by a very specific iconic style,” said Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group. “Mr. Porsche called it ‘engineered luxury’: the ideal combination of by Kelly Waterhouse purist design,the finest materials, innovative functionality and perfect craftsmanship.”
Six years later, the brand would revolutionize the eyewear industry with the launch of the sunglasses available with interchangeable lenses that adapted to different lighting conditions. “One of the most striking Porsche Design sunglasses styles is the so called Exclusive Sunglasses, P’8478, which were launched back in 1978. They are still one of the most successful sunglasses in the world to this day, and have been sold more than seven million times,” Gessler said. “They were the first sunglasses from Porsche Design and are still one of our highlight models. The design of this classic has remained unchanged.”