It’s been a long time coming, but for users of today’s digital devices or those specifically affected by the irritating glare from various light sources – including LED, Halogen and Fluorescent lighting or HID car headlights – there is the new PPS Super-Oleophobic AR + Blue/Violet Filter from Plastic Plus.
For optical lens wearers who experience distracting reflections or discomfort from continual use of digital devices (eye strain/irritation, fatigue, neck and back pain and other physical symptoms including the possible onset of AMD/Cataracts), Plastic Plus offers a tremendous new advance in AR technology.
“Our premium PPS Super-Oleophobic + Blue/Violet Filter coating uses technology provided by and licensed through a global leader in AR Technology, and can be applied to any of our hard coated surfaced lenses. As far as cost, the difference is very minimal,” said Plastic Plus President Paul Faibish. “But for many patients, the addition of our new BVF coating can not only improve how well they view the world today… it could seriously affect how well they will be able to view the world in the future.”
With the same high quality anti-reflective properties and increased light transmission as their other premium AR coatings, the new BVF AR filter blocks Blue/Violet light from computers, phones or tablet screens and potentially harmful HEV light caused by Fluorescent bulbs and LED devices. It also significantly reduces nighttime glare from distracting High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights – a problem that is worse for older drivers because of their increased intraocular light scattering, glare sensitivity and photo stress recovery time.