Plastic Plus has just announced completion of yet another major equipment and system upgrade that not only increases their lens production by up to 35 per cent, but allows them to remain Canada’s most technically advanced optical lens manufacturer.
Most recently, to meet rapidly increasing demand and better serve their national customer base, Plastic Plus completed another major upgrade to their already state-of-the-art processing and manufacturing systems. In addition to the integration of the first fully automated digital lens measuring and verifying control system in North America, they have just added more advanced manufacturing equipment to the line.
That now includes a large extension to their full facility automated conveyor system, a new Satisloh Orbit generator and three new Duoflex polishers.
“Our customers are always amazed when they see our equipment and automated systems at work, but it certainly helps put everything we are able to do in perspective,” said Says Plastic Plus President, Paul Faibish. “Though we are now considered to be one of North America’s most technically advanced labs, the central reason for ongoing re-
investment in the business is our desire to deliver the finest lenses and coatings with the most consistent accuracy to our Canadian clients. By continually seeking the best
equipment and technology in the world, we hope to provide exactly what our customers need to compete in today’s market. ”