An Icon for an Icon
With the presentation of the Titan Minimal Art – The Icon, Silhouette is launching a long-term campaign with the motto “An Icon for an Icon”. The theme revolves around icons that symbolically stand for living with innovation and lightness. Patrick Dempsey embodies what Silhouette and Titan Minimal Art – The Icon stand for, with complete authenticity”, says Arnold Schmied, co-owner and Chairman of Silhouette International. One of the special particularities of this campaign is the chance to see Patrick Dempsey in Lite moments, moments of recreation. “It’s important to us to show Patrick Dempsey in situations in which he is being himself, not playing a role(…)”, says Christian Hafner, Brand Director Silhouette, announcing a continuation of the campaign with further icons.

Become an Hollywood star with Silhouette
Take full advantage of our “An Icon for an Icon” campaign to increase interest at your store by inviting customers to try the new Titan Minimal Art – The Icon. They will get a chance to meet our second Hollywood icon in person and take part in our next photo shoot for The Icon campaign. To participate, simply take pictures of your customers with the Titan Minimal Art – The Icon and send them to Contest details to follow.

What started with a vision in 1964 – to create eyewear as an accessory – has grown today to become the leading brand worldwide for lightweight and premium quality eyewear: Silhouette. The most lightweight eyewear in the world is manufactured under this brand in Austria with a love of detail, a high level of craftsmanship, an individual design style, using the very best materials and the latest technologies and exported to 100 countries worldwide.

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