You can tell how much a person loves their job by the level of passion they have for it. This is evident across the industry in this issue of Optical Prism as we highlight the many ways companies and individuals are demonstrating their passion for helping people see better.
This issue focuses on contact lenses and the revolutionary new technology that is not only changing the way people see, but the way information is processed in the mind.
From traditional contact lenses to bionic lenses, new discoveries are being made on an almost daily basis that will make contact lenses not just something used to read or help driving… but actually let wearers carry a computer on their face.
New technology also plays a key role in our story about Captiv8 software which will help eyecare professionals better communicate with their patients and help manage their medical care.
In an industry where it is often difficult to explain eye conditions to patients, eyecare professionals are going above and beyond to make education key.
This was celebrated at the Transitions Academy Awards in February where Canadian winners Rachel Hill-Campbell of Personal
Optical and Lunetterie New Look Eyewear were awarded for not only their contributions to their companies, but for their community outreach. Both companies take time out of their busy schedules to help ensure everyone has access to eyecare no matter what their background or level of income.
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