The New York Yankees, a global phenomenon, makes its eyewear collection now available in Canada through Optik Innovision.
The New York Yankees is a successful Urban-ready to wear brand with a 90 per cent brand recognition worldwide. Inspired by American culture, it`s influential in the world of fashion with everyone wearing its caps. The way celebrities sport the brand has made New York Yankees an intrinsect part of youth culture for generations.
Building on its rebel teen and street fashion image, the New York Yankees collection gives us a taste of an urban world where details make all the difference.
The brand’s famous logo stamps this collection with that “urban chic” look. The initials NY are subtly present everywhere. This adds a finishing touch to these frames in high-quality materials and elegant colours. Aimed mostly at young men, the range of 18 models includes some unisex as well.
The details make all the difference in the New York Yankees collection: selfcoloured monograms, pierced endpieces, two-tone rubber endtips, reversible temples…etc. In short, a really bold range of frames! For more information, please contact Optik Innovision 1-877-859-0031 or visit