Leading Canadian online eyewear retailer, Clearly, will continue to offer online optical retail sales to consumers in Québec. After a ruling by the province’s Court of Appeals on Monday, May 16, 2016, in a case initiated by the Ordre des Optométristes du Québec, Clearly’s mission to provide better vision for consumers in Québec will continue unabated.
“This is an important decision for eyewear consumers in Québec,” says Clearly CEO, Roy Hessel, “and another step towards our goal of making vision care accessible worldwide. Clearly remains committed to working along with eye care professionals (ECPs) across Canada to deliver eye health information and promote the importance of eye examinations, as more and more consumers are seeking information online to educate themselves about eye health and related concerns,” added Hessel.
Clearly has been keen to engage in dialogue with optometrists and opticians across Canada to find areas of collaboration and provide better products to their customers. The company shares its passion for promoting vision as a universal right with ECPs. Clearly will continue promoting regular eye exams through qualified ECPs and instilling the importance of eye health alongside their product offering.
Clearly is well-known in Canada for accessibility, affordability and quality. Recently they have also been focused on their quality of service. This includes in-house opticians in their call centre available to answer questions and determine what’s best for the vision of the consumer. This is built on the company’s foundation that every employee is a Vision Ambassador, trained specifically to provide the best customer service, product knowledge and understanding of the importance of eye health.