Ogi Eyewear is pleased to announce the recent promotion of John Nides to Vice President of Scojo New York North American Sales. As Vice President of Scojo New York North American Sales, John Nides will be responsible for implementing the launch of new collections of reading glasses as well as recruiting and developing new channels of distribution.

“I am very excited to announce the well deserved promotion of John Nides as Scojo New York’s Vice President of North American Sales,” says Joseph Tallier of Ogi Eyewear.

When Ogi Eyewear acquired Scojo New York in 2007, John Nides started within the company as a Sales Manager. Nides quickly became known for his ambitious and persistent drive, which led Scojo New York to excel into new markets. Nides holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Minnesota.

If you want to experience success, be ready to think outside the box. This is the persistent, can-do attitude which led John Nides to be promoted to the position of Vice President of Scojo New York North American Sales. Nides enters into the position with excitement and determination. “This is a great opportunity. To have my own success parallel with the overall success of the company is forever rewarding, and provides the fire behind my determination.”

Nides lives and breathes Scojo New York reading eyewear, so inevitably he must have a favorite frame. When asked, Nides interrupts with an answer before the end of the question is addressed. “This is easy. The Plush Collection. My preferred color of choice is hot pants pink and I’ll tell you why. It gets the biggest reaction from the customer. I’m only going to get two reactions: they love it or they dislike it. Both reactions are great for Scojo New York. The ones who dislike it will always remember Scojo New York’s Plush Collection. This is more positive than negative from a salesman’s point of view.”