Ocuco is planning to neutralize the carbon emissions of its global headquarters by reforesting nearly 15 acres of native woodland in Ireland.

About 20,000 ash, birch, oak and other tree species will be planted over the next three years to offset 2,320 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Ocuco CEO Leo Mac Canna says it’s imperative to tackle climate change.

“The Earth Overshoot Day is arriving earlier every year. In 2021, humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services had exceeded the planet’s capacity to provide these resources on July 29.  As a leading provider of software in the optical sector, we must set an example and commit to avert global warming. Corporations, independent practices and individuals have a shared responsibility to mitigate their environmental impact,” he says.

In March 2020, Ocuco, an optical software company, became one of the pioneering organizations to join the GoCarbonNeutral.ie initiative to offset its carbon dioxide emissions.

The three-year commitment builds on the sustainable mindset already ingrained within the company’s culture as well as the products offered by the world’s leading optical software provider.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, carbon neutrality can be obtained by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered.

Over the last 26 years, Ocuco has been developing products that boost efficiencies across optical businesses and reduce their carbon footprint. Ocuco’s range of software products enables electronic patient records, ordering and benefit submissions, reducing a practice’s dependency on paper. Its products also provide automated electronic communication solutions such as email and SMS patient reminders.

Mac Canna says Ocuco promotes a cloud-hosted version of its PMS and LMS products. According to Salesforce, cloud infrastructures support environmental proactivity by powering virtual services rather than physical products and hardware, improving energy efficiency, and reducing commute-related emissions. Additionally, Ocuco uses Microsoft Azure as a cloud services provider, a solution that is 98% more carbon-efficient than traditional enterprise data centers.  

Other sustainable actions implemented by Ocuco include reducing offices’ carbon footprint globally, promoting a paperless work environment and encouraging recycling.