How Opticians Can Continuously Improve Business

Customer feedback is a simple tool for opticians looking to improve the customer experience. It helps you understand what your business is doing right and where it needs a little help. By leveraging customer feedback, opticians can make meaningful changes that will satisfy more patients and boost the business.

Actively Seek Customer Feedback

The first step is to find out what customers think. Below are several effective ways for opticians to gather customer feedback:

  • Send customer satisfaction surveys via email or snail mail after appointments and purchases. Request feedback on all areas of your business, including service, products, and the office environment. To improve response rates, provide an incentive (like 10% off their next pair of glasses) for completing it.
  • Place a physical suggestion box and feedback cards in your lobby for customers to easily provide reviews and suggestions. Monitor it regularly.
  • Personally ask customers probing questions during appointments and interactions to better gauge their satisfaction. Ask if they are pleased with the products, service, and experience or if they have suggestions on how you could do better.
  • Monitor online reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to see unfiltered customer feedback. While negative reviews are disheartening, they offer valuable insights. Be sure to respond professionally to negative reviews.

Analyze Feedback and Make Changes

Once you have sufficient customer input, make sure to analyze it. Take all complaints seriously and make practical changes.

  • Compile feedback into a spreadsheet or similar tool to analyze it. Are certain complaints common? Are you seeing common themes around areas needing improvement?
  • Make substantive changes to policies, offerings, and approaches based on constructive feedback. For example, update office policies that patients have found restrictive, expand frame selections based on style requests, or improve customer service through more employee training.
  • Follow up with customers who provide detailed feedback by thanking them and informing them of changes made based on their suggestions. This shows customers you value their perspectives.
  • Share positive feedback with your staff. Recognize and reward employees for receiving praise from patients. This motivates continued outstanding service.
  • Monitor feedback to see if your recently implemented changes improved customer satisfaction scores, retention, and revenue metrics.

Make Customer Feedback an Ongoing Process

Your business will never be perfect, and customer expectations will likely evolve. To receive a constant flow of customer perspectives:

  • Keep seeking new feedback through periodic surveys, questionnaires, and post-visit emails. Encourage honest input on weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Have an open-door policy where customers are encouraged to voice concerns, suggestions, and opinions at any time.
  • When customers provide feedback, thank them for taking the time and reassure them you take opinions seriously. Follow up on concerns quickly.

Leveraging customer insights by continuously collecting, analyzing, and acting on feedback is crucial for opticians to boost patient satisfaction and improve their businesses. Make it a regular part of your business and reap the rewards.


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