Experiencing the elegance of the modern world is the cosmopolitan credo to which NIRVAN JAVAN is dedicated. It guides the brand on its stylistic journey around the globe. In addition to metropolises such as TORONTO, MARRAKECH and TOKYO, the brand also finds itself in Europe this year. Under the designer’s hand, the North transforms into a new collection; the STOCKHOLM COLLECTION.

The Scandinavian flair

Inspired by the purity and simplicity of Sweden, the designer transformed the Scandinavian metropolis in the new collection NIRVAN JAVANs. In the casual frames, completely freed from excess, one finds the Swedish design philosophy brought to life: shapes full of simplicity and clarity with universal appeal. Thus, the matte frames in acetate, kept in earthy colors, capture the functional spirit of the North. Sweden, captured in the frame of a pair of glasses.