Nikon Optical Canada announces the selection of Mr. Pierre Longerna as the next
President of Nikon Optical Canada and North America. Pierre joined the team on
November 1st, and succeeds Mr. Mahinda Pathmasiri, who is retiring in February 2013.

After 24 years of loyal service and outstanding performance with Nikon, Mahinda
wishes to reduce his professional activities for an eventual transition into well-deserved
retirement. During this transitional period he will serve as Senior Advisor, Organizational
Strategy to Pierre. Mahinda continues to offer his guidance and vast market expertise, so
that Nikon Optical Canada can continue to successfully adapt to changes in the industry,
all while ensuring the integrity of their core values.

“Mahinda is very technical and extremely knowledgeable.” explains Tibor Martz,
Technical Consultant, Nikon Optical Canada. “But through all his accomplishments, and
all the R&D, he never forgot that lenses are made for people. All his decisions are made
with the human factor in mind, to create added value. And this is also what makes him a
great leader and friend – He truly believes in the capacity of everyone to push themselves
and do great things, inspiring all of us to give our best.”

“It is a great pleasure for me to join Nikon Optical Canada as its new President” says
Pierre Longerna. “In my previous role managing Nikon Optical in Europe, I regularly
met with customers looking at what Nikon was doing in Canada, this market being
a reference for them”. In his new role as President, Pierre is responsible for all the
laboratory operations of both Nikon Optical Canada and the United States. In a fast
changing ophthalmic industry, there is no doubt that Pierre’s experience, expertise and
proven leadership will contribute to the development of Nikon Optical Canada’s business
and further strengthen the team.

In 2013, Nikon celebrates 25 years of manufacturing lenses in Canada, providing millions
of patients with solutions for superior optical performance. Nikon’s excellence is built
on strong founding values, including unsurpassed R&D with a commitment to quality
products, total customer care and operational excellence. From Mahinda, to Pierre, these
core values will remain at the heart of the company for the next 25 years! We hope you
are just as excited as we are.