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Nikon launches RelaxSee Neo Series

Nikon is launching a new product: RelaxSee Neo Series

Today’s digital screen culture accentuates accommodation problems in the near distance focus range.

Nikon launches the RelaxSee Neo Series; a therapeutic lens with a variable accommodative support that relieves eye fatigue related to exposure time in near vision.

With RelaxSee Neo Series you can choose the accommodation support for your patient that offers the best visual experience, as such 0.75D, 1.00D, 1.25D. The lens is customizable and available in a wide range of materials and options (Clear, Transitions and Polarized).

When RelaxSee Neo Series is used along with SeeCoat Blue Premium, patients get better contrast and optimal eye strain protection.

For more info, please contact your Nikon Regional manager, call Nikon customer service at 1 800 663 8654 or visit

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