By David Goldberg

Dr. Corina Buettner has practiced optometry for 12 years.

She owns and operates Nuvo Eye Centre in Ottawa and her popular practice in Canada’s capital city is the culmination of her passion for both optometry and entrepreneurship.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to work as a medical professional with the goal of owning my own business,” says Buettner.

“My father owned his own practice as a chiropractor and growing up I was able to see his hard work but also fulfillment with being a business owner.”

It’s easy for Buettner to list all the reasons she loves what she does.

“Whether it’s helping someone manage their eye health, seeing the huge smile that appears on a child’s face when they put on their first pair of glasses or even seeing my staff evolve and learn about the new technologies in the field. It warms my heart to see the impact that optometry care has on everyone. I’m so lucky to be a part of this.”

In fact, one of Buettner’s patients was so enamoured with the results of her visit, she decided to dish out a sweet bonus.

“I’ll never forget the first person to start orthokeratology lenses with me over 10 years ago,” Buettner reminisces. “At her first follow up appointment, she was so happy that she brought in treats for my staff! Her energy was so positive and infectious that not only the staff, but also the other patients in the clinic were excited for her. That was an amazing moment.”

Buettner treats a wide range of patients each year, explaining that she loves medical eye care and vision care in general, but she still finds time to focus on her passions.

“I have a particular interest in Myopia Control and specialty eye services,” she says. “I’ve been doing Myopic Control with orthokeratology lenses for over a decade and I have now added behavioral optometry care and vision therapy services in our clinic. I am excited to see how these new programs will help patients.”

With those new services, Buettner hopes her team can help even more people to see better, look better and feel better.

“I’m so proud of the growth of the Nuvo clinics and of the amazing community support we’ve had from Ottawa-Orleans patients,” Buettner says. 

Finally, Buettner says a lot of her clinic’s success has to do with her involvement in the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO).

“The camaraderie and support are absolutely stellar. Being able to talk to others for advice, bouncing ideas off one-another, and just keeping the conversation going on how our profession can evolve are things that I value a lot. The OAO also actively educates the public about eye health and optometry care, and helps everyone have access to an Optometrist, which is awesome.”