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New Year, New Looks

A new year means new styles and 2014 is offering an overwhelming number of choices.
Every style, material and technology is represented this year with even more exciting looks on the way.
In this issue we have captured what’s hot, what’s trending and how you can ensure your clients get the very best in eyewear this year.
We take you behind the scenes with exclusive footage of the latest releases from WestGroupe and we have sought out the best in lens technology available to eyecare providers.
One thing eyecare providers can do for their patients is ensure they know every option available to them to guarantee a comfortable fit and a repeat purchase in the future.
If a patient doesn’t see what they like on the display racks, make sure you take the time to help them find the right style.
There is no better guarantee of having a dissatisfied client than them settling for a pair of frames, getting home and not being happy with them.
Take the time to get to know your clients lifestyle and personality and you will find the right pairing in no time!
This issue we also bring you a preview of Vision Expo East which is just a couple of months away. Known as ‘the’ industry event of the season, we are excited to share some of the highly anticipated events and presenters scheduled for this year.
Have you taken the time to interact with Optical Prism this month? If you have, you may find yourself in the pages of the magazine as we share more comments and ideas from our readers and social media followers.
Be a part of the conversation by sharing your thoughts with us via email or online.
We love to hear from you and look forward to sharing your comments with our readers.
Sarah McGoldrick
Watch for our February Digital Issue where we will share the latest info and technology to help you provide culturally diverse care.

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