By Jody Johnson Pettit

Several lens companies have new innovations on offer for the Canadian marketplace in 2019.

HOYA Vision Care Canada has launched LifeStyle 3, a new lens design that is offered in three variations – Indoor, Urban and Outdoor.

Indoor places emphasis on near-vision focus, while Urban wearers enjoy equal focus on all main vision areas and Outdoor puts it primary focus on distance. A short conversation will quickly determine the design variation that is best suited for each patient.

“Hoya understands that one design does not fit all,” says Ahmos Henry, President of Hoya Canada.

“Lifestyle 3 also helps achieve optimal binocularity which minimizes nonadapts.

Collectively, the Binocular Harmonization Technology, the Integrated Dual Surface Design technology and the Binocular Eye Model make this one of the most advanced designs in Canada today.”

One of the key components about the LifeStyle 3 design is that it’s built on Hoya’s patented Integrated Dual Side Optics platform, the first and only method that truly separates the vertical and horizontal components of the prescription to provide patients with maximum comfort, customization and widest field of vision in all viewing zones.

The second, is HOYA’s implementation of patented Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT) and the Binocular Eye Model. With BHT, the right and left prescription are treated as individual components defining the required binocular lens design and then the necessary corridor length and progressive power distribution are calculated.

Patented algorithms and free form processing technology are implemented to achieve
the finished product.

“We know that more than 7 in 10 people have a difference in prescription from their left to
right eye (Anisometropia/Anisotonia), which has an impact on adaptation and overall comfort. The Hoya patented, and revolutionary Binocular Harmonization Technology,
provides a solution that ensures both eyes receive equal, accommodative support, according to the needs of each eye,” Henry says.

New from Essilor Canada is the Eye-Ruler 2, a magnetic camera that can be installed behind an ipad.

“It allows the eye care professional to quickly and easily take a patient’s measurements to customize their lenses,” says Martine Ahier, marketing manager, Essilor. “It is intuitive, simple to use, and a great help in recommending value-added lenses.”

Essilor continues to innovate and lead the way in providing vision solutions.

“Through our LiveOptics program, all our lenses are tested in real-life conditions by the people who would wear them to ensure that each breakthrough technology meets the needs of consumers,’’ says Ahier.

Since creating the first progressive lens Varilux in 1959, Essilor is constantly “pushing the optical industry forward and changing how we tackle refractive issues like presbyopia, while helping eyecare professionals fulfill the consumers’ specific and evolving visual needs.”

Transitions Optical continues to revolutionize lenses following the momentum of the Transitions Signature Lenses Style Colours that launched in 2018.

The Transitions Signature Lenses Style Colours expanded the availability of colours from brown, grey and graphite green to include amethyst, amber, sapphire and emerald.
At the same time, Transitions also launched the Transitions XTRActive Lenses Style Mirrors, which added five new fashionable mirror options, including flash gold, silver, violet blue
and the soon-to-be-released copper and blue green.

In 2019, Transitions Optical has partnered with Johnson & Johnson Vision to make the leading light-adaptive photochromic technology available in a contact lens.

ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology creates a new category of contact lenses and expands the photochromic category beyond eyeglass lenses.

ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology was also selected as one of TIME magazine’s ‘Best Inventions of 2018.’

Additionally, Transitions Optical has announced the upcoming launch of the next generation of Transitions Signature lenses – Transitions Signature Gen 8.

“The new Transitions Signature Gen 8 lenses are the result of over five years of product research and development and will deliver the next frontier of performance,” says Isabelle Tremblay-Dawson, director of business development, Transitions.

Transitions Signature Gen 8 lenses will launch in Canada in the fall of 2019.

The advancements in lens technologies continue to improve the world of eyewear.
“With Transitions Optical’s Life360 testing methodology for research and development, we actually involve wearers in the process of researching when approaching product development,” says Tremblay-Dawson. “Real life metrics help us improve certain aspects of our lenses. We also interview eyeglass wearers on all aspects of their eyeglass experience to develop the best products.”

Centennial Optical and Riverside Opticalab are introducing a new customized progressive lens in Canada. The Kodak Unique DRO and Kodak Unique DRO HD are the newest
additions to the Kodak Lens Professional Series. DRO – Dynamic Reading Optimization – improves the overall optical performance of the lens while significantly reducing oblique astigmatic errors in the reading area.

“The average increase in effective reading area is 17 per cent over a range of prescriptions, while the average reduction in oblique astigmatic errors in the reading zone is 54 per cent,”
says Rick Leroux, director of marketing and communications for lenses.

For certain prescriptions, DRO can virtually eliminate oblique astigmatism.

The technology greatly reduces off-axis viewing, allowing the eyes to comfortably focus in the reading area for longer periods of time.

Kodak Unique DRO and Kodak Unique DRO HD progressive lenses are available hard coated or with Kodak Clean&CleAR, in the same wide range of lens materials and powers as Kodak Unique lenses.

Plastic Plus is on the leading edge of lens technology innovation and recently introduced the inMotion collection of lenses and coatings. inMotion is available in single-vision and progressive.

This technology incorporates a power distribution that’s specifically adapted for driving at all times. It includes a night vision zone that provides greater visual quality, especially when driving at night.

The inMotion coating reduces light scattering and aberrations, while improving contrast and reducing glare. The inMotion offers anti-glare on both sides of the lens so no matter where light hits, you are given complete protection and a comfortable visual experience.