Evolutionary Shapes  

Fall – Winter 23 

Our endless passion for shape reaches new heights with our new Fall-Winter 23 collection.  KALEOS’ contemporary signature together with the renowned distinctive focus on shape  culminates in a groundbreaking range that pushes the boundaries of eyewear design. 

Everything started with a set of lines that culminated in 35 new frames. The outline, our  concept for this collection, was the starting point of this new collection, Evolutionary Shapes. 

In this new collection, we embrace change and progress, vowing to take the shape exploration  to new and daring heights. As the brand matures and evolves, so do the frames we  present. FW 23 is an homage to KALEOS’ obsession with shape and the evolution around it. 


As we continue our journey of evolving shapes, our frames for women stand as sculpted  silhouettes of sophistication. Captivating shapes that accentuate distinct features. From the  timeless allure of rectangular frames (Eddy) to the charm of cat-eye design (Swenson), from the  bold statement of square frames (Thayer) to the timeless appeal of round frames (Macguff), and  the impact of oversized frames (Lynn) – every piece in this collection is designed to  complement and enhance every face.  

Besides KALEOS’ shape obsession, colors and materials are carefully thought out. With a  strong presence of acetate frames, this collection offers a symphony of colors that  harmoniously balances laminated color combinations (for those who love sophisticated  touches) and striking mono colors (for the more minimalist ones).  


Style and versatility with two dominant families that define the essence of masculinity: stainless  steel and acetate.  

Crafted with precision the stainless-steel frames exude sophistication and strength. The  acetate frames, which boast a distinct charm and versatility, make them a staple in every  modern man’s collection.  

But it’s not just about the materials; it’s of course, about the shapes. With a strong assortment  of different designs to choose from, including rectangular frames for a bold and assertive look,  aviators for a touch of vintage elegance (Shultz), panthos for a timeless appeal (Oher), and  modern geometric frames (Pascal) for those seeking a contemporary edge.  

A collection where innovation meets tradition, and contemporary design embraces evolution.

Rita Occhiuto 

PR Manager 

Esperanza ,14 

08017 Barcelona 

  1. Office: +34 934.857.092