Essilor Instruments International has just introduced NeKsia, a new edging solution that addresses eyecare professionals’ on-going need for efficiency, quality, and ease of use.

Replacing the most widely used bench-mark 3D edging systems of all time, the Kappa level edgers, NeKsia offers a truly next generation solution -designed to achieve high performance, while incorporating one of the most user-friendly and productive processes in the world.

Rounding out the full range of Essilor’s system offerings, the new NeKsia combines high-precision edging and speed, along with modern, sought-after features such as extended tracing capabilities, accurate lens centering whatever the lens power, touch screen technology, enhanced MMI, and powerful, optimized automatic and customizable edging cycles.

Ideal for busy eyecare professionals looking for workflow optimization, this winning formula can keep up with the most demanding productivity and quality needs.

“Productivity and comfort go hand in hand” says Tom Weissberger, Essilor Canada’s National Director -Instruments.” With its head-normal-positioned touch screen, wide open centering area, accurate centring and excellent finishing result, it makes any workshop more efficient and productive.”

For more information, contact your Essilor Technologies representative.

About Essilor Technologies:

Essilor Technologies is a division of the Essilor Canada group, part of Essilor International, which develops and distributes products and services for opticians and optometrists throughout the world. Its goal is to provide to ECP’s the solutions and technologies that will meet their business needs and will help them to build a trustful relationship with their clients. With constant innovation programs, Essilor Instruments (International) has reached a leading position in several categories such as Finishing Equipment, Vision Performance Screening, Fitting Parameter Measurement and small tools and consumables. Essilor Instruments’ flagship brands include Mr Blue®, Mr Orange®, M’Eye Fit®, Visiotest® and Stereo Optical®.