Less than 30 percent of glasses sold nationally in 2013 were anti-reflective, presenting a huge opportunity for retail and optical labs to increase sales and profits. By quickly producing small batches of coated lenses, the MyCoat machine from Vision-Ease Lens expands in-house capabilities and profit potential for these businesses.

MyCoat is a vacuum sputter coater that dispenses anti-reflective and mirror coatings within its compact dimensions, 28 inches wide by 32 inches deep by 68 inches high. The machine can coat six lenses at a time, with a cycle time of 15 minutes. In one hour, up to six pairs of lenses can be fully coated front and back.

“MyCoat is a flexible and advanced solution that’s ideal for in-store retail labs and small- to mid-size optical labs,” said Barry Resnik, director of marketing at Vision-Ease Lens. “By fulfilling anti-reflective and mirror coating orders in-house, labs can improve turnaround time on orders and control product quality throughout the coating process.”

MyCoat’s anti-reflective and mirror coating formulas are compatible with all Vision-Ease Lens products, as well as those from alternate suppliers. Anti-reflective coatings include a standard option and Vision-Ease Lens’ premium five-layer, superhydrophobic Vivid AR. Mirror coatings offered include silver, gold, blue or ruby, in full or flash finishes. Formulas are pre-installed on each machine for easy operation.

Vision-Ease Lens offers extensive training and support with its MyCoat machine for worry-free operation. For more information, visit www.mycoatvel.com.