Myopia Profile’s My Kids Vision Makes Strides in Community Impact

Internationally Recognized Platform Witnessed Exponential Growth and Positive Patient Outcomes in 2023


Myopia Profile, the internationally trusted clinical myopia management information center for eye care professionals (ECPs), concludes 2023 by celebrating the significant community impact of its My Kids Vision ( website. This free resource for parents, which provides easy-to-digest, evidence-based information on myopia and its management, has measurably heightened awareness and education, particularly following substantial platform upgrades in 2022.

“Our motivation behind revamping My Kids Vision was to streamline the communication of the entire myopia message, recognizing that the intricacies involved could be a barrier to effective myopia management,” said Dr. Kate Gifford, co-founder of Myopia Profile. “Since the site’s relaunch, we’ve experienced an impressive 160% surge in pageviews, indicating an increase in parents and caregivers turning to our platform for informed decision-making regarding the vision health of their children.”

Newly reported for 2023, ECPs across 194 countries regularly access My Kids Vision as an invaluable resource in guiding parents through their child’s myopia management journey. The platform experienced major global growth, with a 170% increase in the U.S., 155% in the U.K., and 165% in Canada.

This widespread adoption is noteworthy as it ensures that an expanding number of countries, through access to the site’s Knowledge Center, are benefitting from over 50 articles explaining myopia, treatment options, and children’s vision. This growth not only emphasizes the global reach of My Kids Vision but also facilitates interventions that can optimize the vision and eye health outcomes of children with myopia well into their adult lives.

“Leveraging the My Kids Vision website is invaluable for patient education at my practice. Instructional videos, especially on the art of contact lens handling, save time and positively impact patient and parent readiness for discussions on myopia management,” said Dr. Heidi Hunter, optometrist and managing director at Custom Eyecare, Newcastle, Australia. “The site provides clarity, professionalism, and expert insights and serves as a guiding light, offering much-needed information, reassurance, and empowerment for informed decisions about children’s eye health,” said Dr. David Kading, optometrist at Specialty Eye, Seattle, Washington.

Several key features of My Kids Vision are currently available in seven languages. Additional languages for the Knowledge Center and other content are in development. For more information, visit

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