Nowadays, 3D printed glasses seems like a category of glasses that can not be ignored by opticians. Several new and existing brands are turning their attention to 3D printing.

One of the pioneers is Monoqool from Denmark, who has worked with this technology for several years now. All the Monoqool glasses are ultra light weight down to 4 grams, and all come completely without screws or soldering.

Their focus is on combining innovation and technology with extreme comfort for the wearer.

Clever screwless hinge 

In collaboration with French eyewear designer Charles Zoonens, Monoqool has launched their highly popular Slider collection. It features an innovative hinge solution, which is only possible with 3D print technology.

The worlds thinnest 3D printed frames

Their Slider frames are the world thinnest 3D printed glasses. Monoqool is pushing the limits of what is possible with 3D printing. The result is a frame with ultra thin elegant lines.

From powder to comfortable frames

The 3D print technology is taking the world by storm. Today, the technology is used already in many parts of commercial airplanes, in high end motor cars and as implants in knees. 3D printed glasses are made from polyamide powder which is fused layer by layer into a strong and flexible material. Each frame consists of 400 ultra fine layers.

SILMO Paris 2017

You can experience the Monoqool glasses at SILMO, Paris. Hall 5, booth C 150.