Modern Optical’s New Releases Brochure showcases 62 brand new eyewear styles for men, women and children. Value eyewear has truly never looked so good! Get ready for an abundance of wearable on-trend designs featuring colorful patterns, beautiful embellishments, and unique textures. Women’s styles boast rich colorations and feminine silhouettes including flattering cat-eyes and softened square fronts. Look for tasteful design details on the temples that range from sophisticated baguettes to playful animal and artisanal patterns. Seasonal hues of burgundy and other earth tones appear throughout the collections. Men, too, will find many retro-inspired designs, often with bolder, more angular shapes. Abstract patterns in classic autumn shades create an updated masculine style. Kids’ eyewear continues to mimic those of adults. Colorful options and trendy styling will make these frames a popular choice for the younger patients. With these 62 new releases, Modern Optical’s product selection now exceeds 800 styles, a comprehensive assortment of value eyewear to offer today’s “modern families”.

Modern Optical’s New Releases Brochure is available on our website ( or at this link: Hard copies are available by contacting our Customer Service Department at 800.323.2409.

You may also view these new styles in person at Vision Expo West at our newly designed Booth #13026 October 3-5. Discover why ECPs everywhere rely on Modern Optical for their value eyewear needs.For more information, visit