Frames with a combination of acetate, metal popular this fall


By Denis Langlois


It’s an eyewear trend that’s not getting mixed reviews.

In fact, everyone seems to be loving frames and sunglasses that feature mixed materials.

These styles usually boast an acetate front juxtaposed with metal temples.

Sometimes, the frame front is transparent or boasts a translucent colour, creating an even more striking contrast between the front and side views.

Other times, the acetate front and metal temples showcase similar or complementary colours or patterns.

One cool thing about these frames is it allows the wearer to don a couple of eyewear trends at once. For example, you could be sporting frames with the popular tortoiseshell in acetate on the front, while also displaying the smooth, clean and strong look of titanium on the temples.

Another benefit of this style is it lets the wearer enjoy the look of acetate, with the lightweight, sleek and comfortable feel of metal temples.

Here are some examples of frames that are embracing the mixed materials trend.