Optical companies reflect on mirrored lens trend

By David Goldberg

Mirrored lenses are a flashy trend that are bound to stick around for a while.

EyeFocus recently got the inside scoop about what inspired people to get reflective this year when it comes to eyewear. 

We asked a man who knows all about fashion, Eric Blanchette, SVP at Safilo Group. 

“Mirrored lenses can make the wearer feel more youthful, sporty or fashion-forward,” he says.

“Men and women shouldn’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures or colour pops when throwing on a pair of mirrored lenses as they provide added dimension to an overall look and look great when paired with stylish winter clothing and outerwear.”

Thinking about fashion is essential of course, but what about function?

Centennial’s Rick Leroux says each colour of polarized lens has a purpose. 

“Blue and green provide extra glare protection and clear vision,” explains Leroux. “Brown and copper can provide better contrast and visual acuity for driving; rose-coloured lenses can provide high-contrast vision for mountain activities; grey and silver are well suited for everyday outdoor activities.”


The Crizal Mirrors Sun UV lenses from Essilor protect your eyes in style and come in many eye-catching colours including jade, azure, red velvet and gold. 

Essilor also offers the Xperio polarized prescription lenses which you can get in gold, silver and blue.


It’s time to rock the navigators with Carrera.

These sporty, rectangular frames are built from stainless steel and come with memory metal temples and a fresh blue sky mirrored lens. 

Meanwhile, the always-stunning Jimmy Choo offers the GOLDY, featuring a perfect round-shaped metal frame and a row of 64 Swarovski crystal baguettes shining on the sides.

Carrera CA8040S

kate spade new york – Thelma


Centennial offers gradient and photochromic polarized lenses that can be conventionally or digitally surfaced. NuPolar Mirrors by Younger Optics are available with three factory coatings of blue, silver and gold.

Meanwhile, Centoptic SunMirrors are available in blue, red and silver mirror coatings on polarized lenses.

And for those who want even more colour choices, CFX Mirrors in 12 fashion colours are available now. 


Zeal’s wants you to stand out this winter with their striking and cool Ellume Polarized Lenses, available in copper, dark grey, blue horizon and rose.

Some great options to pair up with these include Ande, inspired by the mountains and the passion of those who love to explore them. Frame colour options include high tide, huckleberry, coffee and classic gloss black.

Also, Avon is ready for any adventure. Pair any of the Ellume lens hues with Zeal’s nature-inspired frame colours including fern, chestnut and amethyst. 

And from Maui Jim, Nanea will capture your interest with the Hawaii lava mirror colour. It also comes equipped with MauiBrilliant – Maui Jim’s most advanced lens material that features optics nearly as clear as glass with just one-third of the weight.

Zeal Ande

Zeal Avon

Maui Jim RM332