Hong Kong, 3rd November 2014 – Marcolin SpA, a worldwide leading eyewear company, and Ginko Group, a longstanding operator in the Chinese eyewear market, announced today the incorporation of a joint venture for the Chinese market. Purpose of the deal is to improve the partners’ presence in Mainland China and to expand and strengthen the development of direct distribution of Marcolin products in the region. GINLIN Optical Shanghai Ltd Co., the name of the new joint venture, is a Shanghai-based company owned on a 50/50 basis by Marcolin and the Ginko Group.

Marcolin’s CEO Giovanni Zoppas said: “I’m very proud and excited to enter into this joint venture. Ginko Group and Marcolin have a very complementary background and attitude: the two of us are longstanding in the industry and reliable partners for their respective clients. That’s why I’m sure this joint venture will deliver extra-value to the Chinese eyewear market.” Ginko Group’s President Kuo Chou Tsai declared: “Starting business in China since year 1992, Ginko Group has been conducting quality commodity, good service and innovation as the target of enterprises. It’s our honour to cooperate with Marcolin, a worldwide leading eyewear company, to provide suitable pattern and reasonable price commodity for our Chinese customers. We believe this joint venture will be a win-win cooperation and create successful benefit to both sides.”