Brian Hauser, general manager, U.S. and Canada; Alexis Cardona, global chief marketing officer; and Grady Lenski, managing director, adjacencies are no longer with Transitions
Bertrand Roy will serve as leader of the North America region. Global Strategic Marketing and Sunwear will report directly to Paddy McDermott in his role as President, Transitions Optical.
During their tenure, General Manager U.S. and Canada Brian Hauser, Managing Director Adjacencies Grady Lenski, and Chief Marketing Officer Alexis Cardona all evolved in their
roles as leaders in their own right and strongly contributed to driving our strong performance, expanding into new product areas and shaping the Transitions® brand.
“We thank them for their substantial contributions and wish them every success in their future endeavours,” said Paddy McDermott, President of Transitions Optical Inc. “The leadership changes are intended to quickly create alignment, drive efficiencies, and accelerate our ability to capitalize on Essilor’s and Transitions Optical’s unique talents and
strengths. This will enable us to boost the expansion of photochromic products globally and accelerate growth for the Transitions Optical business and our customers.”
Supply of Transitions® lenses to customers will not be affected by these changes. Transitions® lenses will continue to be made available through other lens manufacturers and all customers throughout the value chain.
Transitions Optical will continue its open business model and will remain focused on serving the needs of Transitions Optical’s lens manufacturing partners and growing their sales of
Transitions® lenses.