With discussion of the dangers of harmful blue light at the public forefront due to the increased use of digital devices, Transitions Optical, Inc., educates customers and eyesore professionals that its full line of Transitions® eyeglass lenses help to provide
blue light protection indoors and outdoors.
“Often associated exclusively with elec- tronic devices and screens, what most people don’t realize is that the sun is the sin- gle largest source of blue light, scattering it through the atmo- phere and emitting over 100 times the intensity of electronic devices and screens,”
notes John Ligas, vice president, R&D, Transitions Optical. “In fact, depending on the time of day, a majority of outdoor visible light you receive is blue light, which explains why the sky itself is blue.”
All Transitions lenses help protect against blue light under any and all conditions. Indoors, Transitions lens products safeguard eyes against harmful blue light emitted by arti cial sources-like digital devices and LED lights, while outdoors they help provide extra protection from the sun by shielding eyes from glare, intense harmful blue light and UV rays. As Ligas notes,
“Transitions lenses darken outdoors when you need more protec- tion to keep the harmful light out, thus helping to provide optimal protection and superior health bene ts.”
Transitions® SignatureTM VII lenses block at least 20 percent of the harmful blue light indoors, which is up to 2 times more than standard clear lenses, and they block over 85 percent outdoors. Transitions® XTRActive® lenses are even more e ective – they provide extra protection againstbluelighteverywhere byblockingatleast 34 percent of the harmful blue light indoors and 88 percentto 95 percent of harmful blue light outdoors. Transitions® VantageTM lenses are also e ective – blocking at least 34 percent of the harmful blue light indoors and over 85 percent outdoors.
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Building the bridge between technology and experience – HOYA’s iD FreeForm Technology brings the latest personalization to lens design.
iD Space is the ideal lens for individuals performing activities where their focus is beyond a computer screen. This design allows for sharp far vision while still providing crystal clear vision at a close range.
iD Screen is the best choice for individuals with professions which require maximum clarity at an intermediate distance like those working in stores and o ces. This design is ideal for anyone working on a computer.
iD Zoom is perfect for individuals with hobbies that require high levels of concentration and sharp vision at
a close range. This design is ideal for the widest possible near area while still being able to see clearly at a shortened distance.
Our iD technology integrates both sides of the lens, from power distribution to surfacing, providing maximum visual comfort when you are at work or on the move.
More personalization with several corridor options and HOYA’s sophisticated iD Software
The designs have 7 corridor options to select from or take advantage of HOYA’s sophisticated iD Software which determines the ideal corridor length based on speci c design, frame choice and segment height.
Personalized with an individual’s wearing parameters iD Space, Screen & Zoom can be tted to any frame and prescription with complete personalized measurements.
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Ultimate Progressive Design Series represents the most advanced complete customizable group of designs. With any design o ered under the Ultimate name, the wearer is getting a unique lens calculated by Digital Ray-Path®, state of the art technology in digital lenses. Digital Ray-Path® improves vision for the wearer through every point of the lens by implementing a realistic computerized simulation of the lens’ optical behavior when it is placed in front of the wearer’s eye.
Each individual lens is fully personalized for each patient to get the possible optics. The personalization parameters used for the compensation calculation (POW) are speci c to each individual wearer.
Ultimate Balanced: Fully personalized design with a balance between the distance and near vision. Highly recommended for experienced and demanding progressive wearers, looking for an all-purpose progressive lens with generous visual elds at all distances and a comfortable lens.
Ultimate Near: Fully personalized design specially created for experienced progressive wearers who want the best near vision. Superior near vision and comfort for reading or model-making.
Ultimate Distance:Fully personalized design specially developed for experienced progressive wearers who want the best distance vision. Panoramic high performance distance vision for traveling or enjoying landscapes.
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