Define your lifestyle with the perfect eyewear Viva International may scoop all the New Year’s resolutions with their must-have collection of eyewear in 2013! Depending on the look your customer is going for—GANT by Michael Bastian, GUESS by Marciano and William Rast, the fashionable BONGO, Candie’s, Catherine Deneuve, GANT, GANT Rugger, GUESS, Harley-Davidson, RAMPAGE, SKETCHERS, or value names, such as Viva, Magic Clip— Viva International’s huge variety includes everything from classic and iconic to trendy and hip.
The looks are each designed to appeal to a broad range of tastes, budgets, and ages, including ‘tweens’!
What new Viva products will be taking the near future by storm?
GUESS will be sporting leather-wrap styles, and incorporating mother-of-pearl and other natural elements for that touch of contemporary chic.
Take a second look at RAMPAGE that has added four new ophthalmic styles: sexy, hip and on-trend design
elements for today’s young women.
An array of inventive temple treatments, including hardware elements, rivets and metal-buckle detailing create nothing less than fashion forward silhouettes. Expect luxurious embellishments from Silhouette in 2013, including stones, studs and rivets! GUESS by Marciano continues its use of HDA (High Definition) printing.
“We’re so excited about this patented technology, which allows the transformation of text and colours into crisp high definition,” says Jon Martinez of Viva International. “The technology shows depth and a range of textures and patterns on acetate sheets. Adornments will feature stunning new cuts of brilliant stones.”
Motorcycle life-stylists will love what Harley-Davidson Eyewear is planning in Spring 2013! The creation of two limited-edition sunglasses will be released to commemorate Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary and Viva’s long, successful partnership with the brand since March 1994!
“The new sunglasses will be prescription-ready and will be distributed exclusively to the independent optical dealer,” Jon says.

Silhouette— Master of Minimalism
“To quote Coco Chanel, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains forever,’” says Manuel Magini, Director of Marketing for Silhouette at COS.
The motto encapsulates what Silhouette’s Feel Lite—Show Style is all about. “This is very true for our brand and the designs of Silhouette,” he adds. “Of course, there are some influences, but the design of Silhouette glasses doesn’t change every season; we trust more in the Zeitgeist than in short-term fashion trends.”
Elegant and timeless, Silhouette eyewear always follows a clear, minimalistic, light design credo, whether a classic shape or luxury eyewear.
“Its lightness underlines the attitude of the wearers—authentic personalities with the highest demands for design, comfort and quality,” Manuel says. “Our expression of luxury, for example, is not an ornamental one, but one that is lead by the best materials and select detail, and we are very proud that 80 per cent of our glasses are handmade.”
Silhouette, in addition to their other famous, licensed brand— Adidas—are two German-speaking companies: Silhouette in Austria and Adidas in Germany.
Rimless, screwless, hingeless, trim, flexible and virtually weightless, Silhouette eyewear was first created in 1964. The Austrian family who began the company succeeded in revolutionizing the eyewear market
worldwide and their original vision continues to be upheld: eyewear that focuses on necessity and reduces the weight to a minimum.
“What you have left are beautifully designed glasses made with the best materials that are also allergy-free, and frames that are dimensionally stable,” Manuel notes.
Silhouette uses High Tech Titanium and-or SPX+, which is a composition of up to eight different polymers, for their glasses.
“For luxury eyewear, we are also working with crystal, China lacquer and other high-end materials that
make every piece unique,” he said. Simply stated, Silhouette glasses perfectly capture a lifestyle of
lightness and leisure. Who doesn’t enjoy a little more lightness in life? It all begins by visiting for more information.

Spectacle Eyeworks— Capturing the Global Imagination
Quick! What do you think of when you hear the names, Spexxx , Brow Meister, or Pussy Galore? Ingenuity?
Inventiveness? Attention-grabbing? If the multiple award-winning Spectacle Eyeworks was in the dictionary, those words are exactly what you’d find to describe this BC company’s innovative brand.
The brainchild? Mehran Baghai, operations director and head designer.
Since the company’s inception in 1996, it has maintained its success and superlative reputation for producing premium quality frames, with their emphasis on unparalleled design.
Mehran owes his initial inspiration for his first frames to the work of Vancouver-based tattooist
John Dutchman, aka the Dutchman.
Today, the company offers a vast selection of plastic, titanium and stainless steel styles, and each line
reflects this designer’s indefatigable creativity and uncanny production of artfully crafted, durable and enduring eyewear.
Ladies can get in touch with their glamorous feline side in 2013! Adapted from the popular styles of
the 1950s, the Pussy Galore line will feature sizzling colours, coordinating pearl and rhinestone embellishments, and eccentric cat-eye shapes in threelayered laminated plastic.
Retailers can also look forward to natural materials, such as wood and horn, in the very near future! This
line is one outstanding example of Spectacle’s ability to dazzle the global imagination.
Baghai’s influences come from many places, including hairstyles from his mother, a hairstylist.
“My surroundings always influence me!” he says. “For example, in my previous collection, I incorporated Native art and totem poles into my designs. In my upcoming collection that we just launched in Silmo, I have laced (sic) them up with my Persian poetry.”
Spectacle’s treatment of acetate sets their glasses apart structurally.
“The eyewear feels very textured as a result and, also, we are working with TR90 combined with stainless steel,” Mehran notes.
Mehran’s risk-taking and pioneering eyewear designs are renowned as works of art in themselves.
“These days, I try to find a happy medium between expressing myself artistically without overdoing it,” he
comments. “I have been striving to make wearable frames, but frames that are very artistic and original and the absolute best in quality.”
Be inspired by visiting for complete details.