“Love Your Eyes”
National Public Awareness Campaign will Emphasize Vision Care

The Opticians Council of Canada will be launching a summer campaign commencing in mid-August informing the public on the important role Licensed Opticians play in vision care. Licensed Opticians, who complete years of training, and must pass professional qualifications testing before becoming licensed, want the public to better understand how their expertise can provide consumers with optimal vision. Until now, Licensed OpticiansOM have been the hidden healthcare providers. It is time for the public to get to know them and the importance of their skills to Canadians.
“Until now, I didn’t realize that it took that much education and training in order to become qualified as an Optician,” says Casper Chan, whoʼs been helped by Opticians for the past 20 years.
It seems the public has not seen what Casper now sees, as some consumers are only looking at fashion and overlooking vision care as healthcare – a choice that can have serious long-term effects.
“I think society regards vision care -and eyewear – more as fashion than a healthcare necessity that helps them see,” says Sandra Blanchette, Chair of the Opticians of Manitoba. “We’re in the front line of vision care – both in fashion and healthcare. ”
With ever-increasing options for consumers in the eye care industry, including online sellers, this campaign comes at an extremely vital period in time. Marilyn OʼHara, Owner of the “Mobile Optician” in New Brunswick, believes that any misguided attitudes towards vision care can be corrected with information about eyecare and Opticians. “People are more self directed towards healthcare now. They are taking more responsibility and are asking questions like ʻWhat can I do, or what choices do I have that can make things better for me?ʼ”
My Loud Speaker, an advertising agency in Vancouver, will be executing the campaign, which will consist of a national online contest and involve Licensed Opticians across Canada. Using a cutting-edge method – Performance Installation Ads – the campaign will have launch pads in three cities: Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax. Performance Installation Ads are a flagship service of My Loud Speaker, and they require the performance of the general public in order to create the whole experience.
“Expect a never-been-done-before engaging campaign with plenty of gifts and surprises and a strong educational component,” says Tammy, CEO of My Loud Speaker. “The campaign will be fun for participants, as well as effective in letting the public know that Licensed OpticiansOM across Canada are unified under a common goal of educating the public and providing excellent vision care.”