Lens Tech
Centennial Optical and Riverside Opticalab are pleased to introduce Kodak Unique HD digitally custom- ized progressive lenses in Canada. The Kodak Unique HD progressive lens is the newest addition to the Kodak Lens Professional Series – exclusively available to independent eye care professionals.
Kodak Unique HD progressive lenses include the customization features of the Kodak Unique Lens:
• Full backside progressive design allows greater precision and wider clear fields of view,
• Vision First DesignTM Technology provides smooth, continuous power increase from top to bottom,
• i-SyncTM Technology for reduced distortion and increased clarity in the periphery of the lens,
• Variable corridor lengths customized for frame size and shape,
• Prescribed prism compensates for displacement caused by prescribed prism Kodak Unique HD takes lens customization to the next level, using position-of-wear measurements to more highly customize the lens to the individual patient’s viewing needs.
• Prescription Compensation
Back Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt and Wrap Angle are included in the calculations to optimize the lens for the patient’s prescription and frame selection,
• Variable Inset the Near Reading Distance, Lens Power, BackVertex Distance and Monocular PD are all used to tailor the viewing experience to the individual patient’s needs.
Kodak Unique HD progressive lenses are available hard coated or with Kodak Clean&CleAR, in the same wide range of lens materials and powers as Kodak Unique lenses. For more information, please contact your Centennial Optical or Riverside Opticalab lens representative.

For summer, Shamir has launched Shamir Power Mirror Coating. The mirror coatings are in high demand because of the deep reflective surface that is available in the colours that customers want in their sunglasses – Power Blue, Power Red, Power Green, Power Orange, Power Gold, Power Silver. These mirror coatings are not only for summer but have a great fashion look for year-round wear, especially for winter wear, when reflection from the snow is an issue.
These mirror coatings are available on all Shamir Freeform lens designs and on all materials except for 1.74 index plastic. Shamir Power Mirror coatings are protected by a very tough and hydrophobic/oleophobic outer layer to ensure long life of the mirror coating in the demanding outdoor lens environment. The Power Mirror differs from the Shamir Fashion mirror in that the Power Mirror has a much more reflective surface – showing off that great fashion colour!
Fully clear indoors – but outside, Transitions® SignatureTM lenses are more responsive than ever thanks to Transitions Optical’s exclusive Chromea7TM photochromic technology. Transitions® SignatureTM lenses are more reactive to UV light so they get darker in more conditions, including bright sun, partially sunny, cloudy, and everything in between. They also adapt to indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces. The
graphite green tint uses patented technology to offer you more natural vision and true colour perception. Graphite green also perfectly complements many frame styles and colours. From classic to cutting-edge style, you can transform any pair of regular eyeglasses into a striking look all your own.
Transitions® XTRActive® lenses
Transitions® XTRActive® lenses provide unique benefits that help you satisfy more of your patients’ needs. Anywhere they go, Transitions XTRActive lenses are always working to protect eyes from the brightest sun and harsh artificial light. Most photochromic lenses react primarily to UV light. That’s why they change when you’re in the sun and remain clear indoors. Transitions XTRActive lenses feature a broad spectrum dye specially designed to react to both UV and visible light for extra darkness outdoors and even in the car.
To improve consumers’ choice of light-responsive lenses, Vision Ease expands its line of photochromics with LifeRx FSV Vivid AR. The polycarbonate lenses are coated with Vision Ease’s proprietary Vivid AR, for unparalleled clarity and cleanability.
LifeRx lenses are recognized for their lightweight comfort and superior photochromic performance. LifeRx FSV AR lenses offer these qualities with the additional benefit of diminishing glare and reflections thanks to Vivid AR.
The super-hydrophobic coating reduces distortion by allowing liquid to run off without streaking, and is highly scratch-resistant, anti-static and oleophobic to repel the daily grime that dirties lenses.
The lenses provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, and are offered in grey and brown colors. LifeRx FSV Vivid AR stock lenses are available in 65 mm and 70 mm diameter for +2.00 to +6.00 spheres up to -2.00 cylinder.

Plastic Plus introduces its new Free- form Measuring Device guaranteed to generate perfect lenses. The machine has full surface measurement with precision probe. Can measure objects that are sphere, aspheric, Toric, atoric and freeform surface with a measuring
range of up to 90mm in diameter.
The Rodenstock FMD scans all kinds of RX lenses not only very rapidly and precisely, but it is also the only device measuring always up to 5mm to the edge of any given lens shape. And this with an accuracy of six digits to 1μm equal 0.01 dpt. –inde- pendent of spherical, aspherical, torical, atorical, Freeform surface, mineral, organic, generated or polished, convex or concave.