By Sarah McGoldrick
After a long hard winter people are ready to get out and enjoy the sun.
Eyecare providers (ECPs) know that it’s important to make sure their clients are protected from the damaging rays from the sun.
Health Canada notes there are several ways in which UVA/UVB light is absorbed into the eye:
• The surface layers of the outer
part of the eyeball (the cornea
and the conjunctiva) absorb rays.
• The lens absorbs mainly rays.
• The retina (the light-sensitive lining at the back of the inner eyeball) absorbs visible light.
Leaving the eyes unprotected can result in significant damage. Eyewear companies are leading the way in minimizing the risk from this exposure through several unique designs and improved technology.
Alternative Eyewear has addressed both the fashion and economic side to giving clients eye protection with ONESUN.
“ONESUN’s are the best option for consumers in terms of price to quality ratio. They are leading the industry in this regard,” said Alternative
Eyewear President Paul Storace.
He noted the glasses have a variety of features including being RX adaptable, 100 per cent polarized (protect against glare & UV rays) and they now feature a backside AR coated lens, which helps reduce eye fatigue and improve clarity.
Design has also been a key element of creating a piece that is both functional and fun to wear.
The collection features hand-made acetates and stainless steel models.
“These are high-quality materials that last well under regular wear and tear. Most of the collection features spring-hinges,” Storace said. “Other models include triple-laminated colour applications that create depth and dimensions of colour that really catch the eye.”
He adds the collection features an eclectic array of models, literally something for everyone: children, women, men, young, old, conservative, fashion-forward, etc.
“The most important things when choosing a pair of sunglasses is that they work for your lifestyle and your look. You want quality materials, good design and proper fit for comfort,” he said. “We offer RX-able sunglasses so that people can drive, work or play in bright light without have to compromise sight for protection.”
Lifestyle Sunwear
The way people interact with the sun has changed as we incorporate technology into every aspect of our lives. How we use this technology is affected by the sun.
“Nowadays, people are seemingly tethered to their cell phones and e-readers, and the sun’s glare poses challenges whether pool side or just
enjoying the outdoors,” said Paula Weissman, Modern Optical Vice President of Marketing. “Squinting while reading in the sun is simply a thing of the past with a pair of Sunreaders (i.e. sunglasses that protect from UV exposure while providing magnification).”
Modern Optical offers two choices for wearers including Playing It Cool and Monterey Pop. Both styles include UV400 lenses in powers of +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00.
“Playing It Cool is a classic aviator silhouette in sleek stainless steel with a spring hinge for added comfort and durability,” she said. “Stainless steel is shown in gunmetal with grey lens. Also available in bronze with brown lens.”
She says the complementary Monterey Pop line features oversized shape in handmade zyl offers superb coverage.
She said Sunreaders are an enormous convenience for all presbyopic consumers, including contact lens wearers and post-Lasik patients.
She advises ensuring the shape offers generous coverage and the lenses are of good quality to properly protect the eyes is important.
Sun Style
More than ever sunglasses are a part of our accessories when we choose what to wear. Marcolin USA has been the choice for stylish frames from the
top brands for ECPs and clients alike for many years.
Among the more popular lines is GUESS Eyewear. PR and Advertising Manager Jon Martinez for Marcolin USA says this line has everything a fashion savvy client would want.
“The collection is perfect for consumers looking for the latest in fashionable eyewear crafted in high quality materials and offered at a competitive price point,” he said. “A majority of the new sunglass styles from GUESS Eyewear are made from handmade acetate and are equipped
with Carl Zeiss lenses for superior optical quality.”
The pieces feature many accents highlighting their fine craftsmanship. The collection offers a variety of trendy looks, including styles available
in a jewel-toned colour palette with crystal colour fronts and a pearlized finish. Also showcased in the collection are 3D patterned temple treatments with a textured print pattern creating a subtle branded effect. The shapes are very wearable and fit a variety of face shapes and sizes.
Martinez said choosing a pair of sunwear should be an informed decision particularly when looking for a piece that will stand the test of time.
“One should choose sunwear that features quality lenses for optimal sun protection, as well as quality materials for durability and comfort,” he said.
“Just like apparel, the styles should compliment the person’s lifestyle and reflect the current fashion trends.”