Lensbox, an eyecare technology company that provides a complete virtual healthcare and e-commerce solution, connecting eye care practitioners with patients, announces today a partnership with DrugSmart Pharmacy, an innovative, full-service brick and mortar and virtual pharmacy, with a network of partner pharmacies across Canada.

“We are thrilled by this industry-first partnership. DrugSmart Pharmacy is a bold and innovative forerunner in the marketplace. This partnership was an organic fit, where values aligned and visions synchronized to ultimately serve patients better through eye care practitioners,” states Lensbox Chair and CEO, Sheila Sanaz Bissonnette.  “Our Doctors of Optometry are receiving the news with deep gratitude, in a time when the pandemic is creating physical distancing and more lockdowns.”

“We are proud to launch a partnership with DrugSmart Pharmacy to solve eye care inefficiencies, logistical complexities, and environmental impact”, states Ontario Doctor of Optometry and Lensbox Director of Omnichannel Partnerships, Dr. Matt Michniewicz. “As doctors, we are facing more restrictions and a heightened awareness that COVID-19 cases are multiplying on a daily basis. While this is a very concerning fact, we are delighted to be able to serve all of our patient needs in one virtual platform, through this innovative collaboration.”

The partnership creates access to DrugSmart Pharmacy’s fully stocked, user friendly, 24-hour virtual services, delivering prescription medications and over-the-counter products to eye care patients through the Lensbox tele-health and e-commerce application, available in iOS and Android, at no cost to consumers.

“We are excited to be working with Lensbox”, states Irfan Jetha, CEO of DrugSmart Pharmacy .”The pandemic has created a renewed mandate for us as innovators to re-imagine and re-create infrastructure and technologies for a world, where doctors are equipped with the latest, most compliant, user-friendly platforms available, in order to enhance how they currently serve their patients. The partnership with Lensbox is an exciting collaboration, as it opens a new gateway for Doctors of Optometry to virtually care for their patients and to continue to provide them with access to the therapies they need, even during extreme times, such as a pandemic.”

Lensbox and Drug Smart Pharmacy are enhancing the eye care patient experience with subscription boxes, that include prescription refills, same-day delivery and installment payment options through Sezzle.