Lens technology continues to change at a rapid pace. Every day new and exciting developments continue to shape the way ECPS help their patients see. Lenses are stronger, lighter and offer a viewing experience unlike anything available in the past.

Centennial Optical recently partnered with Riverside Optilab and Signet Armorlite to offer Kodak lenses in Canada.
KODAK UniqueTM Lenses are digitally-created full backside progressives designed with Vision First DesignTM Technology.
“Digitally customized progressive lenses represent a real technological advance over conventional cast progressives, providing greater precision and wider clear fields of vision. Lens designs with variable corridor lengths, such as Kodak Unique, allow greater optimization for the individual prescription and frame shape,” said Rick Leroux Director, Marketing &
Communications (Lens Division).
“Kodak Unique lenses also benefit from Vision First DesignTM Technology, which gives direct control of the curvature of the lens to determine the refractive power at every point on the lens.”
He added the i-SyncTM Technology uses Ray Trace Analysis to correct optical errors resulting from off-axis viewing.
He said Kodak Lenses offer state-of-the-art lens technology at a competitive price, and are available exclusively to Eye Care Professionals. This added value represents a competitive advantage and a unique branding opportunity for independent ECPs.

This year saw Transitions release the much anticipated Signature VII lenses. These lenses take photochromic technology to the next level with improved visual quality and light adaptability.
“Transitions® SignatureTM VII lenses are our most responsive lens ever – they are more reactive to indirect light and get darker on hot days. In fact, we know that eight out of 10 clear lens wearers described their visual experience as superior over wearing clear lenses – which presents a great opportunity for eyecare professionals to increase patient satisfaction,” said Isabelle Tremblay Dawson, Canadian Marketing Manager Transitions Optical, Inc.
The lenses have been designed to improve the visual experience in more than 200 conditions.
Researchers worked to create
an experience that offered several core elements:
– A photochromic lens that gets darker and stays darker in high temperatures
– Perfecting how UV Radiation activates the dyes so they return to a clear state quicker and clearer
– Creating greater temperature stability with less variation
“Our new Chromea7TM technology is an exclusive dye formulation that allows the lenses to be more response to UV than ever,” she said.
“The superior indoor clarity is a feature
we know patients love – we have a 96 per cent patient satisfaction rate with the indoor clarity of Transitions Signature VII lenses,” said Tremblay Dawson.
She added patients will be pleased that these new lenses get darker 19 per cent darker in grey and 11 per cent darker in brown. The new grey tint is a more neutral colour and our brown is the best, everyday contrastinglens we ever offered.
The new technology also offers a more aesthetically pleasing experience for the wearer making them more attractive to current Transitions customers and future ones.

Patients are always looking for a lens that will give them the most visual benefit with ease of wearability.
To get the maximum benefit from As-Worn QuadroTM, the actual measurements of the wearer should be included. (Vertex Distance – Fitted and Refracted, Pantoscopic Tilt, Panoramic Angle).
These measurements can be taken utilizing Shamir’s digital measuring tool – SPARKTM.
“With Autograph III, your hyperopic patients will have a near field of view almost as wide as the myopic patients have. This is accomplished using the patented Eyepoint Technology III®, with the goal of having all patients see as natural an image as possible,” said Martin Bell, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Shamir Canada.
If the As-Worn measurements are not included with the Autograph III® order, the Shamir Prescriptor® will use defaults. These defaults are based on averages. The consumer will benefit greatly from As-Worn QuadroTM, experiencing more precise and perfected vision.
“Autograph III has a very large range, as do all Shamir Freeform lenses. With sphere from -18.75
to +15.50, cylinder available up to 9.0 D and prism up to 10D there will be very few patients that you can not fit. With Shamir Autograph III being able to handle these very difficult prescriptions, just imagine how well your average Rx patient
will be seeing with this incredible Shamir technology,” he said.
He added Autograph III is
an excellent choice for patients due to the ergonomically designed near viewing zone. The near zone is dynamically located within the corridor, taking into consideration the myopic or hyperopic power of the prescription. This reduces
the need to move the reading material or to tilt the head to find the correct viewing angle.
“With Autograph III, your customers will be able to read at an easy viewing angle, comfortable within their natural posture,” he said.

System of Better Vision
Rodenstock is the only supplier of lenses and frames from a single source worldwide. Embedded in a one-of-a-kind “System of Better Vision”, Rodenstock spectacles are the perfect combination of attractive frames and high-precision lenses.
There are considerable quality differences between lenses. By choosing the Rodenstock brand, you have chosen quality, tradition, and security. There are many years of research knowledge and revolutionary technologies in our innovative products. The highest level of craftsmanship, precision grinding, exquisite materials and innovative lens finishes are the basis upon which you can rely.
Greatest visual comfort – Rodenstock is the specialist for better vision
– many awards, including the German Innovation Prize – very thin and light lenses
– 100 % UV and glare protection
Greatest quality of life – Rodenstock products fit into your individual lifestyle offering customised solutions for the best and most pleasant vision for any demands and 100 per cent exploitation of your personal vision potential through the revolutionary Eye Lens Technology (EyeLT®)