Starting June 10, eyecare professionals throughout Canada will be able to present Transitions® Signature™ VII Graphite Green lenses to all their customers. Those every day lenses combine all the benefits of the latest generation of Transitions lenses that react better to indirect light and become darker than ever in higher temperatures, with a gray-green tint that provides truer perception of colors and a fashionable look.

An Iconic Tint
Eyecare professionals and their customers might recognize the iconic green color of the lens, as it dates back to the 1950s when the color was applied to sunglasses worn by U.S. Navy pilots. The gray-green color was originally developed based on research that showed how human eyes respond differently to various colors in the visual spectrum. The gray-green lenses were then formulated to emphasize certain colors to help pilots locate and track objects against a variety of outdoor backgrounds such as earth, sky and water.

“Our exclusive graphite green Transitions Signature VII lenses allow wearers to see the world in a shade of green that helps things look natural, and the iconic color also brings a sense of style to eyeglass lenses,” said says Kristel Bordeleau-Tassile, Essilor Canada’s Transitions Brand Manager. “Essilor is proud to partner with Transitions Optical to launch the latest in photochromic lens technology and bring back a popular lens color that looks great and offers better vision in variable and bright light conditions.”

Laurence Leboeuf – Glamorous And Socially Conscious
Aware of the importance of maintaining good visual health, Laurence Leboeuf has agreed to join the Canadian campaign to launch Essilor’s Transitions® Signature™ Graphite Green lenses. She perfectly represents the target market for these new corrective lenses: young, trendy adults, always on the move and enjoying the glamorous side of life. Laurence started her TV career at 11 years old in the television series Virginie. When she decided to learn English in 2004, she was immediately cast in 15/Love and subsequently was awarded the Gemini Award for Best Supporting Actress for that role. Laurence has been actively working in both languages and receiving critical acclaim ever since. She was most recently seen in the TV series Trauma (french) and 19-2 (english).

Exclusive technologies
Using a method exclusively developed by Essilor, in collaboration with worldwide specialists in color vision in Paris, the special patented dye formulation of the graphite green color results in truer color perception. This new color is part of the Transitions Signature VII lenses offering recently introduced in brown and gray. Transitions Signature VII lenses are more responsive to changes in light outdoors, reduce glare and enhance contrast to reduce eye fatigue and strain—common issues as eyes try to overcompensate for poor perception of color.

Transitions Signature VII lenses in graphite green were developed using two patented technologies: Chromatic Adaptation technology, a patented method used to evaluate tinted and photochromic lenses and Chromea7 technology, a breakthrough molecular formulation which enables Transitions Signature VII lenses to be more reactive to indirect light and more responsive to get darker than ever before in higher temperatures.