Mood Eyewear Inc proudly announces the recent launch of the young and innovative eyewear collection, Komono, from Belgium. This collaboration brings together the distinct Belgian design aesthetic and Mood’s expertise in eyewear. The collection showcases a fusion of youthful style and cutting-edge innovation, making a bold statement in the eyewear industry. Discover the spirit of innovation and fashion with the Komono collection, now available through Mood Eyewear Inc.

The brand:
When you ask yourself the question: “Who am I, really?”, there is no single right answer. You can stick to the historical facts: KOMONO was founded in 2009 by two snowboarder friends from Antwerp who got it into their heads to challenge the status quo in accessory land. Their vision to make fashionable accessories like sunglasses and watches more accessible came at just the right time, instantly propelling KOMONO to the world stage.
You can stand in front of the mirror and describe what you see: KOMONO is now a global brand. You’ll find us in high-profile concept stores, department stores, independent opticians and fashion boutiques in over 80 countries.
Our boundary-breaking designs have been worn by some of the world’s most recognizable faces. Our collaborations have pushed the envelope with icons and provided a platform for genre-defying talent. Or you can try to describe what it’s like being you, what makes you tick and what sets you apart from the rest.
That’s what we as KOMONO want to capture. Yes, we are our past and present achievements, but deep down we are also a work in progress. Guided by our core values, everyone who’s connected to KOMONO can help us become what KOMONO was meant to be.
We hope you’ll join us in this ride