Essilor Academy Canada has now assembled all of Essilor Group Canada’s training functions under a single banner, putting an outstanding team dedicated to knowledge sharing at the service of eyecare professionals.

This initiative is based on Essilor Canada’s solid training experience, and is designed to meet the needs of eyecare professionals dealing with a marketplace in flux due to new visual needs and new consumer shopping behaviour.

“We are convinced that continuing education is essential to the growth and success of our business partners and to the evolution of our industry. That is why we have chosen to increase our investment in this area,” explains Pierre Bertrand, President of Essilor Canada. “Eyecare professionals are responding enthusiastically. Since January, more than 500 of them have benefited from one or more Essilor Academy Canada training courses, a number we expect to reach around 1,000 by the end of the year.”

All the training courses, whether exclusive to Varilux Xperience partners or aimed at eyecare professionals generally, combine theory with the acquisition of practical skills and know-how. Topics include sales, team management, business development, engineering the customer journey, basic optics, innovation and technology, age groups, and so on. Courses are offered in a variety of formats, from 30-minute webinars with real-time or offline participation, in-office training sessions to large-scale events, such as the Roadshow, Alive Summit and Vision Summit. Many of the courses are accredited by professional associations, and the webinars are in the process of acquiring accreditation.

Essilor Academy Canada’s training team is the largest in the industry, and many of its members are experienced opticians from different provinces. They aspire to work with eyecare professionals across Canada in the co-creation of learning, knowledge, expertise and solutions.

“Beyond the sharing of knowledge,” explains Martin Lespérance, Director of Training and Development,” our goal is to get eyecare professionals motivated and passionate about learning so they can maximize the application of new skills in their daily practice and see results quickly.”

The upcoming Essilor Academy Canada training events, the Roadshow and Alive Summit, will be held September 8, in Toronto, September 22, in Montreal, and October 27, in Calgary. Registration is now open!