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Lacoste introduces its New Crocodile: Novak Djokovic

Lacoste's new brand ambassador Novak Djokovic wearing RENÉ MAGNETIC GREEN MATTE.

Legendary tennis player Novak Djokovic is stepping up as the new global brand ambassador for Lacoste.

Introducing the René Magnetic Sunglasses, worn by Djokovic, Lacoste was proud to showcase the tennis star in its latest advertising campaign.

Djokovic was selected for the role because he shares Lactoste’s “values of sporting elegance, tenacity and fair play.” On the court and on the green, Lacoste selected him as ‘The New Crocodile’ for 2017 to represent the brand that René Lacoste immortalized with its founding in 1933.

The René Magnetic L186S

The heart of the campaign, Djokovic is also the face wearing the new Lacoste sunglasses made for tennis practice. The René Magnetic combine contemporary sport design with latest technology. The Zeiss lenses are adapted for tennis practice on all surfaces.

He’s also showcasing the new X NOVAK DJOKOVIC EXCLUSIVE EDITION.

For more information or to see behind the scenes video of Djokovic preparing for his new role CLICK HERE.


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