The new Kyme collection presents a fusion of styles that embraces the past while projecting into the future, creating a contemporary vintage ready to take flight in its special ‘Urban Jungle,’ which is increasingly recognizable, evolved, and distinctive.

True to the distinctive “contemporary vintage” style that now defines it globally, Kyme is embarking on further evolution. The brand is ready for the new “Fly to Urban Jungle,” a burst of audacity that continues to acknowledge the timeless value of classic design but enriches it with increasingly important and emphasized contemporary elements.


It draws inspiration from the very origins of the brand, born “for fun” from an idea of its founder, Antonello Calderoni. While initially, Kyme’s collection satisfied the needs and tastes of the founder’s optical store clientele, it later underwent an evolution, drawing inspiration from a much broader segment of “users,” the current and contemporary society, a free and genderless society, an “urban jungle” where everyone has the ability to tastefully blend seemingly disconnected accessories, achieving a perfect balance, often mixing elements of novelty and vintage. Because, as we know, fashion always comes back.


Eyewear is increasingly in the spotlight: an essential accessory in the optical version, indispensable because it shields from the sun, completes the outfit, defines the style, and expresses the state of mind. Kyme “interprets” this new concept of eyewear and expands its range of offerings with the first 4 “Fly to Urban Jungle” models. These are captivating models with sharp, sometimes angular “slim bold” shapes, with lenses that are now very dark, tone-on-tone black, and sometimes brightly colored in contrast. In addition to these choices, we introduce 4 sunglass models and 10 optical models to cater to a broad spectrum of needs, from classic designs to bolder shapes.


Regarding coloring, alongside the classic black and Havana shades, we introduce new and more eccentric colors such as white, golden yellow, gray, and peach. All models feature matching lenses, including classic options like gray and aviation green, as well as more vibrant choices like orange, burgundy, and teal for those who dare to express themselves boldly.