The KODAK brand has a rich heritage.

By simplifying its technical approach – “You push the button, we do the rest”, as said
by George Eastman – the company has enabled generations around the world to
capture moments in their lives and create memories.

As a result, KODAK stands out as a world-famous and emblematic brand among
the general public. Relying on nostalgia and the advent of vintage, the company
recently revisited its image with its famous logo. Open your eyes: the classic KODAK
“K” is back!

Consistent with the brand’s general message and its slogan “See the colours of life”,
KODAK Lens is presenting its new image to speed up its progression in the
mainstream market.

KODAK Lens products are sold on the optical market under a worldwide license in
more than 60 countries. “You put your glasses on, we do the rest.”

A new campaign, a new website

The ‘‘Happy Vision for a New Generation’’ campaign which was just launched in
Canada aims to attract the interest of younger consumers and promote the brand
as a specialist in glasses.

The campaign features visuals depicting scenes from daily life where young role
models share moments of joy. In this way, it makes it clear that KODAK Lens
optimizes vision and allows people to see a richer, clearer, and more vibrant world.
Memories will then be more colourful and joyful than ever!

The Kodak trademark, logo and trade dress are used under license from Kodak. ©2021 ELOA.

The new image of KODAK Lens is also displayed on the internet with a new website, which will soon allow each consumer to locate the eye care
professional close to home. In addition to product information, the website also
offers content on lifestyle and vision.

Eye care professionals can immediately benefit from tools to learn more about
KODAK Lens: technical brochures on products, centering cards, reading cards, etc.

An expanded product portfolio

This new campaign is the opportunity to launch two innovations in the KODAK Lens
portfolio: the Silk AR enhancement and the KODAK Lens Powerup.

The new Silk AR enhancement is now available with the KODAK Clean&CleAR UV
Lens. This treatment makes the surface of the glasses more resistant and smoother,
for more durable cleanliness and clearer vision. An excellent choice for a clear vision
with UV protection. “Less cleaning, more living!”

Another innovation is the addition of the KODAK PowerUp Lens to the portfolio.
They allow people to stay connected throughout the day without tired eyes and to
have a more comfortable visual experience. “Still working, still smiling!”