Adding to the renown Davette’s Lunettes eyewear creations, Kingdom Eyewear has recently completed the aquisition of the Casanova Occhiali brands including the trademarks, products, intellectual properties, and distribution of Taxi, Dolce Vita and couture Casanova Venezia eyewear.  With a USA distribution headquarters already in place and more than 100 stockist in the USA & Canada, the new custodians of the iconic Casanova collections will be busy working to reinforce the eyewear heritage of Casanova, while making a clear statement that these brands are new and fresh for the American marketplace as it exists today.  For clients in the USA and Canada, Casanova will have its’ official East Coast launch party in conjunction Vision Expo New York in 2020.
Offering a limited supply of the contemporary Casanova product lines, and discovery of a treasure trove of many iconic limited edition pieces, Davette & Stephen Fournier, creative designer and owners of Davette’s Lunettes, will be focused on the re-launch and the production of additional new releases for all three brands (Casanova, Taxi, Dolce Vita).  “We have ‘uncovered’ a treasure trove of many of the much sought after collectible pieces of Casanova, Taxi and Dolce Vita, which will be offered for sale, but they are very limited.  Many of these artisan eyewear creations were thought to have been sold out forever.  The keen interest in collecting these pieces today has remarkably increased their values on the ‘aftermarket’ in the recent years.  It is quite exciting to see eyewear enthusiasts collecting our products much like a coveted luxury wrist watch, with such passion driven consumers,” stated Stephen Fournier about the Casanova collections.
For more information about the Casanova Occhiali collections, look for the launch of a redesigned website ,, and various social media leaks on luxury, artisan and independent eyewear Facebook forums.  The collection will also be shown on tour through the USA and Canada at various independent eyewear exhibitions with the focus on the new product release scheduled for exhibit in New York during the week of Vision Expo 2020.  Contact Stephen Fournier at 1-888-575-5011, email for additional information.