Kenmark Eyewear, a leader in crafting and distributing original optical eyewear and sunglasses, is  excited to announce they will be partnering with Eastman on creating ISCC certified eyewear utilizing  Acetate Renew material. This product will be starting exclusively in their Paradigm collection.  Kenmark is the first independent eyewear company to achieve ISCC PLUS certification in the US, and  announce the launch of their ISCC certified Paradigm collection expected to release in Spring 22. ISCC is the governing body that oversees compliance; they contribute to the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production.

ISCC strives to protect the environment by utilizing a variety of processes and methodologies in the global supply chain, establishing  traceability and transparent compliance. Kenmark has received an ISCC PLUS certification – ISCC PLUS  is a sustainability certification program circular (recycled) raw materials for all markets and sectors. 

The acetate uses 100% sustainable acetate flake; Eastman Acetate Renew is made with certified recycled  material and bio-based materials sourced from renewable resources, diverting plastic waste from landfills and incinerators while reducing consumption of fossil feedstocks and lowering greenhouse gas  emissions. Eastman Acetate Renew contributes to circularity: Renew materials are made via Eastman’s  molecular recycling technologies using waste plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills. These  advanced recycling technologies complement traditional recycling approaches and expand the types  and amounts of plastics that can be recycled. This gives materials an extended useful life. The innovation  that brings recycled materials into Acetate Renew contributes to replacing fossil-based resources in  the production process. The ISCC certified product used in Paradigm will be created through a fully audited value chain – meaning from the factory to brand level, the entire chain is ISCC certified.  

Kenmark is working with Mazzucchelli to produce the acetate, to provide the same high  quality feel in the colors you love, while being significantly more sustainable. Mazzucchelli is the first acetate manufacturer to join the Eastman Acetate Renew project.