Kenmark Eyewear, a leader in crafting and distributing original optical eyewear and sunglasses, is excited  to share they will be donating a portion of all sales globally to the National Forest Foundation in celebration  of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22. The National Forest Foundation is investing in healthy forests for today  and for future generations and supports restoration and community engagement on National Forests across  the country. The NFF makes reaching this goal simple- for every dollar they receive, they will plant a new  tree. The National Forest Foundation is leading natural climate solutions to climate change through large scale reforestation on public lands. Tree planting on our National Forests helps fight climate change, conserve  wildlife habitat, and ensure healthy watersheds for all Americans as well as helps restore the damage caused  by severe wildfires, insects and disease and other natural disasters. The NFF plant only native trees, and target their efforts to the areas that need the most help. Together with the NFF, Kenmark will be helping to  restore tens of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, from the long-leaf pine forests of Florida to the cedar  groves of Alaska. By partnering and supporting the NFF, Kenmark wants to help bring awareness to the  importance of our National Forests and efforts that can be made together to help reforest these lands. It’s  important to Kenmark to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability and our public lands.  

“We’re excited to have our customers join us in planting new trees in honor of Earth Day,” says VP of  Marketing, Marissa Cundiff, “We hope to continue to bring awareness to the importance of our National  Forests and what we can do together to help ensure healthy forests for generations to come.”