Kenmark Eyewear, a leader in crafting and distributing original optical eyewear and  sunglasses, is thrilled to announce the promotion of Marissa Cundiff to Vice President of  Marketing. Cundiff started working in Customer Service at Kenmark in 2002 and after  graduating from the University of Kentucky, she began her career at Kenmark in the product  department as Product Coordinator in 2010, and has held previous roles in marketing as  Social Media Coordinator, Digital Marketing Manager and Marketing Director.

During the  last 19 years she has worked in customer service learning various aspects of the company, in the product department for several years and most recently, for the past 7 years in marketing. In this role she oversees the overall marketing strategy, creative and communications  of the company as well as spearheading PR, advertising, digital marketing, sustainability initiatives and brand management. In this new role she will continue  to lead the marketing team with all previous responsibilities, while taking on managing all licensing relations as well as exploring new opportunities. 

“In her new role, Marissa will take on several new responsibility’s such as managing relations with our licenses as well as negotiating renewals and exploring new opportunities. 

She will work closely with the product and sales teams to bring new products and brands to our team, including digital opportunities. Marissa’s areas of responsibilities also include advertising, PR, trade show management and all creative aspects of the company, says CEO, Mike Cundiff, “She has worked very hard to raise the level of awareness of our company and what we have to offer. 

I look forward to working with her in the future to continue this advancement.” 

“I’m so excited for this opportunity to continue to grow and progress our company forward. I’m thrilled with  how far we have come digitally, the way we are telling our stories and connecting with our customers and  what the future looks like for us in this industry I love. The past couple of years have been so amazing – we’ve  been able to start our own brand, which has exceeded all our expectations, in addition to all of our licenses  really thriving and doing so well,” says VP of Marketing, Marissa Cundiff, “I’m excited to take on this new  role of continuing to expand our digital footprint and progress us forward, exploring new opportunities,  as well as continuing to reduce our carbon footprint as we do all we can to become a more sustainable  company. I can’t wait to continue on our path of growth and success with the amazing team at Kenmark!”