Brought to you by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day – held annually on June 27 – is a commemorative date celebrating the importance of wearing ultraviolet (UV)-protective sunwear. As a member of The Vision Council, you understand the significance of spreading this message throughout the optical industry, with the goal of educating consumers about UV eye safety and increasing product sales.

The Vision Council encourages you to jump on the National Sunglasses Day bandwagon and help promote its messaging. Here are ways you can directly get involved:

– Take advantage of the power of the web and social media. Share information about National Sunglasses Day via your website and social media outlet(s) – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Encourage your followers to share photos of themselves in sunglasses leading up to and on June 27 using the official hashtags: #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie.

– Offer sales incentives. Consumers thrive off of freebies and discounts. On June 27, consider providing a discounted price on your sunwear products. Or start a social media challenge encouraging your followers to share National Sunglasses Day-themed posts using the official hashtags and tagging your brand(s) with an incentive to win a prize. Come up with a strategy for picking a winner, and send the winner a free pair of sunglasses. The possibilities are endless!

– Tap in to your existing relationships. Already have a partnership with a celebrity, blogger or influencer? Encourage them to share a National Sunglasses Day-themed social media or blog post, incorporating the messaging, using the official hashtags and tagging your brand(s).

– Plan a National Sunglasses Day event. Get your community involved by hosting an event on June 27 to share the National Sunglasses Day messaging, sell or give away your product, and have fun while doing so. Pitch your event to the media, further encouraging them to cover the event and National Sunglasses Day.

However you decide to get involved, please share your National Sunglasses Day plans with The Vision Council, so our team can further promote your efforts. The Vision Council also has additional materials – including UV reports, infographics, sample social media posts and the official National Sunglasses Day logo – available. To keep us in the loop, receive further information or ask questions, reach out to Erin Hildreth and Lindsey Brookbank, The Vision Council’s marketing & communications managers. Visit for more details.